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Cane Spanked Girls Pose After Their Spanking Punishment

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These girls have just gone through a severe spanking punishment and they’re still feeling the sting in their buttocks.

After the cane spanking they have just had, the teacher is making them stand there and take on poses so he can have a good look at the work of art he has just produced.

The teacher enjoys seeing the humiliation on these girl’s faces while they are assuming any position that he orders them too.

He wants them standing there facing the wall, so he can get a good look at their full, round and freshly spanked buttocks.

Their buns are a shiny red from the spanking!

Then he makes them bend over deep enough that their hands can almost touch the floor. It exposes their spanked bottoms and the teacher is loving it.

This has to be one of the most humiliating spanking sessions the teacher has given any girl in a long time!

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Caning Discipline For Sweet Young Girl’s Naughty Bottom

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This sweet young thing may look like an angel, but she’s not always that good of a girl.

I must admit, the spanking punishment she receives is way out of proportion when you look at the ‘petty crimes’ she commits.

But come on… how can you let this gorgeous girl grow up without having used her to play out your perverted teen spanking fantasies?

With a young and impressionable mind like this, all you have to do is tell her she’s been a very bad girl and the next thing you know… she’s bent over the table with her panties on her ankles.

Let the cane spanking begin.

I love to see sweet young girls in pain and spanking humiliation.

Makes me want to comfort her afterwards.

If only I do it often enough, she might even learn to like me.

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Cane Spanking Demonstrated By Teacher To Apprentice

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There’s a new guy in town over at the Girls Boarding School and he needed to be taught how to administer a good teen spanking to naughty teen girls.

The teacher figured he’d take one of the school’s naughtier girls to demonstrate how to deal out a good cane spanking.

The apprentice stood an watched as the girl was caned on her bottom while getting gradually more and more undressed throughout the entire spanking video.

Halfway through, the girl is completely naked. She’s being punished. And two guys are watching.

Now this is a special event if I’ve ever seen one.

I loved every second of the girl’s utter spanking humiliation.

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Naughty Girls Strap Spanked And Getting Enema

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This naughty teen has incurred the wrath of this mistress and she’s in for a humiliating spanking punishment now.

The girl is made to spread her legs wide and throw them way up into the air.

Her teen pussy and her cheeks are in the mistress’ full view and she wastes no time in giving the girl a nasty teen spanking.

For that extra humiliation, the girl receives an enema.

The embarassment this girl has to go through makes this one of the best spanking porn videos ever.

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Girls Boarding School Cane Spanks Two Girls At Once

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These two naughty teens have crossed the line. And since there are a whole lot of girls to give a teen spanking to at Girls Boarding School, these two are going to get one at the same time!

Do you suppose that cane is long enough that it could give two teenage bottoms a cane spanking at once?

I sure hope so. I’d like to see these girls get a humiliating spanking at the same time.

The more the merrier, I always say.

Plus there’s the added bonus of the extra humiliation these girls are feeling. You know… because of the fact that they get to see each other in this sensitive position.

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Spanking Video Shows Girl Getting A Cane Spanking And An Enema

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This mistress specializes in straightening out naughty girls. In this spanking video, we get to see her do what she’s best at.

She has the girl over her lap with her bottom bared, so that she can give her an otk spanking with a hairbrush.

As if the girl is not already in enough pain, she also gets a cane spanking across her buttocks.

She also receives an enema and that pretty much makes her humiliation complete.

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OTK Spanking For Assistent Girls

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Assistent girl Elizabeth Simpson is not doing her work right. She’s been slacking off and her superiors are completely sick of her behavior.

They’ve decided to subject her to an otk spanking in order to set her straight.

Elizabeth is called into the office where she must immediately strip down and reveal her bare buttocks.

Her full round bottom is in plain view as she lies across the boss’ lap. He slaps those buttocks as if his life depends on it and Elizabeth Simpson is hurting real bad!

As if her humiliation is not complete after being spanked by two mature people in front of another young assistent girl… her punishment was filmed so it could be shown to future employees as a warning.

And that’s the story of how this spanking video came to be. ;)

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Spanking Video Shows Girl Tied, Humiliated, Exposed And Punished

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One of the very best spanking videos I’ve seen in my life, no doubt.

This girl is tied down in a position that exposes her completely and I cannot imagine a position to make this girl’s humiliation greater.

She’s been a bad, bad girl. She needs spanking punishment, no doubt.

Her spanker ties her up in this medieval torture device with her head down and her ass way up in the air.

Her buttocks, as well as her anus and her vagina, are clearly exposed. Imagine the embarassment and powerlessness this girl must be feeling right about now.

She’s shackled and chained and very vulnerable. Her spanker can do anything with her now and get away with it.

He is in complete control.

Spanking porn doesn’t get any better than this.

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Naughty Girl Bends Over For A Cane Spanking

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This lovely young lady has been naughty and she’s earned herself a nice cane spanking across her tight little ass.

I love to see her slightly panic just before the spanking punishment begins. It’s great to see young women in a little bit of distress right before they get a corrective spanking.

She damn well knows she deserves it so there’s no good reason to fight it either. She’s going to get that teen spanking whether she likes it or not.

She obediently positions herself over a bench. She rubs her eyes, wondering how she got herself into this situation.

The caning then begins. First on her bottom while she’s still wearing her jeans.

Then she has to take down her own jeans.

Imagine the humiliation of having to cooperate on your own spanking punishment.

Then her bare bottom is caned some more.

So let’s hope this girl will learn a valuable lesson from this.

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Naked Schoolgirl Bends Over And Exposes Her Bottom For A Spanking

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This spanking video shows a schoolgirl exposed and being humiliated because she’s been exceptionally naughty.

Her teacher makes her undress and present herself to him. She’s feeling a little nervous standing there in the nude.

The teacher grabs her buttocks and spreads them apart. He likes having a look at this girl’s butt pucker before he starts his spanking punishment.

The girl bends over and spreads her legs. Her buttocks are completely vulnerable to the cane spanking she is about to receive.

Her pussy lips swell up as she is getting more and more turned on because of the humiliation and submission she is going through.

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