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Bad Tushy Strap Spanking From Strict School Mistress

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This busty school mistress has had it with her loud mouthed back talking student girls.

Today she is going to discipline one once and for all.

She’s taken out the strap as her favorite instrument of spanking punishment.

The naughty girl bends over the desk and the school mistress holds her in position. She can’t move or go anywhere!

Her skirt is lifted up and the strap spanking begins. Gently at first, harder later on.

Then her panties are pulled down and her bare bottom is revealed to the school mistress.

She spanks her even harder this time and it turns her naughty bottom red.

The mistress even goes as far as putting the girl on her desk and lifting her legs way into the air!

What a humiliating spanking this is!

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Thermometer Up The Bottom, Followed By Cane Spanking

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This girl wasn’t supposed to get sick. She was looking a little sick to the teacher from Girls Boarding School.

So he decided to check her temperature. Anally ofcourse.

It better be a healthy temperature too, or she will get a strict teen spanking from him.

How humiliating it must be for a teen girl to have a grown man put a thermometer up her bottom.

As it turns out, her temperature is too high. And you know what that means right?

Right… a severe cane spanking to her naughty little schoolgirl bottom.

The teacher isn’t going easy on her either. He succeeds in breaking this girl as she is completely spanked to tears.

Poor schoolgirl.

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OTK And Strap Spanking For A Very Naughty Girl

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This naughty girl in a skirt reported to her teacher at Girls Boarding School.

He was expecting her and he was looking forward to giving her big bare bottom a very strict otk spanking.

He had spanked this naughty student girl before and he always enjoyed turning her round cheeks into shiny apples.

He gives her the spanking punishment she deserves and doesn’t stop until those buttocks have turned dark red.

Then he makes her bend over and continues to give her a strap spanking.

The camera takes an angle from below and the spanking video shows the girl’s swollen pussy quite clearly under those freshly spanked buns.

Yummy. Spanked buns and swollen pussy. My favorite.

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Teen OTK Spanking On A Fleshy Bare Bottom

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This girl has earned herself a teen spanking by being naughty and disobedient all the time.

Her teacher is fed up with her ways and has ordered her out of her clothes to humiliate her.

It’s working nicely, but the teacher isn’t done just yet.

He administers a strict otk spanking on the girl’s bare buttocks. They light up a bright red and she’s begging her teacher to stop.

The teacher gives a a half minute break and then proceeds with a very severe cane spanking.

I’m surprised this teen makes it to the end of this spanking video. Her bottom is so sore she won’t be able to sit on it for days!

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Ebony Teen Poses After Her Cane Spanking

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This ebony teen has seen the error of her ways after a strict cane spanking on her very round and luscious bottom.

She is now ordered to pose with her hands on top of her head and her lower half unclothed.

Her full round bottom has been spanked until it was turning red. Her welted buttocks are a nice sight for sore eyes.

She holds her cane as she stands in the middle of the room, right after her humiliating spanking.

She is a very obedient girl who sometimes, unfortunately, is still a little naughty.

At those times, she gets a teen spanking to make her remember that she needs to be a nice little girl at all times.

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Humiliating Buttocks Trashing For Young Teen

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Meet teen Paula. She’s seen a lot of spanking videos in her life and she reads spanking blogs on the Internet the whole day!

She loves spanking so much, she’s applying to become a spanking model. And this is her audition.

She asked for it… now she’s going to get it.

She is made to undress, revealing her naked teen body right away. She feels exhibitionistic and a little bit humiliated as well.

She’s going to go through with the whole thing, because it’s turning her on! She is given an otk spanking and her bottom is smacked completely red.

She archs her back and sticks her bottom backwards for a belt spanking. Her perky teens breasts are out there, wiggling and jiggling with every spank to the buttocks.

At the end, she grabs her own cheeks and spreads them apart, giving the auditer a nice view of her swollen pussy lips and her cute little teen butt pucker.

I think she’s trying to put a finger in there… naughty girl!

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Ebony Girl Gets Her Teen Ass Caned

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This girl was told not to smoke. She did it anyway. Now look at what happens!

She got caught and now she’s going to get some punishment!

She is ordered to bend over and her skirt is lifted up. Her bare bottom is revealed and the spanking punishment can begin.

First, her as is slapped with a bare hand. But since the bare hand alone can’t finish this job properly, the cane is taken out.

Once the girl gets the cane across her bum… that’s when the real marks are starting to appear.

She’s beaten into submission and she’s not liking it too much.

Too bad for her that her spanker is a pervert. He’s watching her pussy while she is standing there with her legs spread… completely exposed.

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Strap Spanking For Three Naughty Teen Girls

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Three naughty teen girls are sitting around minding their own business. All of a sudden, along comes their teacher… who has a thing or two to talk about with them.

It turns out the teacher has had it with these three teens’ sassy big mouths.

One by one, he makes them bend over, revealing their bare buttocks to him. He then continues to give them a belt spanking and a cane spanking.

Not fully satisfied with the bleak color of these girls’ tushies, he decides to put them over his knee for an otk spanking.

This spanking video shows some of the hottest teen spanking around. There’s three full, luscious teen bottoms being spanked until they can’t take anymore.

What’s not to like?

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Strap Spanking For Thieving Teenage Girl

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This little sneakthief teen girl wanted to steal from this woman’s purse. The nerve!

She was caught with her pants down. Well not literally… but if you stick around long enough…

… then you will indeed see this naughty teen’s pants come off as well as her panties.

She’s going over the knee for a good old fashioned strap spanking to the ass!

That’s what you get for being a thief. And if you ask me, the girl’s getting off pretty easily.

This woman’s real angry with this fucking teen. She rips her pants off and reveals that bare bottom faster than you can say “ass”.

She then starts spanking those cheeks red. All her anger is going into this girl’s bottom now!

If this teen needs to be spanked to tears in order to learn to respect people’s property, then so be it!

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Cane And Strap Spanking On A Girl’s Bum

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This girl hasn’t had spanking punishment that many times yet. She’s never really been put in her place at all, really.

Today, that’s going to change. She looks a little flabbergasted as she is ordered to take down her pants and present her bare buttocks.

She goes across the lap for an otk spanking. Later on, she takes off her pants and stands in a bent over position.

Then she receives a harsh strap spanking and her buttocks are starting to feel the stinging pain pretty quickly!

She is starting to feel very submissive by now and that’s exactly what we’re trying to accomplish here. The cane spanking she then gets completes this work of art.

Afterwards, she shows us her spanked bottom and her swollen teenage labia.

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