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Female Military Personnel Spanked For Disobeying Orders

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Welcome to the military, girls!

You’re going to have to learn how to obey orders, because if you screw up… you’re going to get a strict cane spanking across your bare asses.

These two women are going to get a serious spanking punishment now, as they simply did not obey their orders.

It’s their buttocks that will have to pay the price for it.

This spanking video shows these mature military chicks being disciplined with the cane.

Their welted asses are look real nice. Their pussy lips, clearly visible, complete the picture just fucking nicely.

I wouldn’t mind taking command of these military chicks myself.

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Elizabeth Simpson Slipper Spanks Teen Justine

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Most of the time, Elizabeth Simpson is the one in trouble. Today, she is the Mistress who is going to put teen Justine in her place.

Justine has been naughty once again. That’s why she is taken over Elizabeth’s knee where she is given a bare handed bare bottomed spanking.

She then has to bend over and present her bottom to Elizabeth. Then she is given a very hard slipper spanking.

Every time the slipper hits her bottom, Justine cringes. By the end of this spanking video, Justine is happy to even be standing straight up!

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Paddle Spanking For Naughty Bottom In Tight Pants

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This girl is getting a paddle spanking while bending over the fireplace.

Her tight pants are covering her bottom but it’s not going to stop her buttocks from turning beet red.

The teacher has a cane and he has much experience in using it to deal out severe teen spanking sessions to girls who simply won’t behave.

Look at how she bends over and and presents her bottom for a humiliating spanking to the teacher.

Isn’t that a lovely sight?

This particular spanking video is pretty straight to the point. There a whole lot of spanking and not much fluff.

I love the moment where the girl’s pants come down and it reveals her bruised bottom right before it gets even more spankings!

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Bare Bottomed Spanking For Two Slutty Teens

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These two slutty teens are sitting on the couch, minding their own business. All of a sudden, mom comes along and she’s not too happy about these slutty teens’ behavior!

She has decided to end their antics once and for all.

Since they’re not wearing a lot, all mom needs to do is have them bend over in order to reveal their buttocks.

And what luscious teen buttocks they are!

These teens are not going to get away without a good teen spanking across their big bums.

That’s right… thrash those asses like there’s no tomorrow. They deserve to have their naughty bottoms smacked red.

These are among the nicest buttocks you’ll find on the entire spanking blog.

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Naked Girl Paddle Spanked At Girls Boarding School

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This naked girl thought she was going to have a nice skinny dip in the pool. Too bad for her that the teacher had planned a spanking punishment for her instead.

When she came back from her little swim, the teacher was already waiting for her. She was already in the nude so all she had to do now was bend over and take that well deserved cane spanking to her buttocks.

The spanking video clearly shows she is in great pain every time the cane lands on her buttocks.

Which is exactly how I like it.

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Katie Leigh Spanking Across Her Bare Buttocks

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Katie Leigh is one of those girls who simply can’t stay out of trouble.

And that’s because she’s a self admitted slut who gets off on spanking sex. She does nothing but read many a spanking blog on the web all day long.

She thinks about being spanked the whole day long. Here we see her with her friend Isabelle. They’ve both been naughty and they’re here for a serious spanking.

The girls both get the cane across their bare buttocks and they seem to be enjoying themselves just nicely.

So no reason to stop… just keep slapping those teenaged bums over and over again.

We see Katie Leigh in the chair, holding up her own legs as if to say “please fuck my freshly spanked teenage bum, because I’m slut and that’s what I want!”.

I can’t believe Katie Leigh man… she’s such a spanking slut.

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Teen Ass Strapping For Being Lazy

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This naughty teen assistent has been much too lazy. This will simply not hold!

The headmaster is completely fed up with her laziness and he has decided to teach her a lesson in this spanking video which is, dare I say it, almost sadistic?

Her laughing soon ends once the strap spanking continues for longer than she can bare. That strapped little bottom is starting to look real nice with those red spots on it.

This spanking blog sees many spanked bottoms, but not all of them light up as nicely as this one does!

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Strapped Teenager Jodie Takes The Strap To Her Bottom

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Poor teen Jodie… she’s so used to being given strap spankings that she can’t live without them anymore.

She’s practically begging for spanking punishment these days, since it’s been a whole week since Jodie’s naughty bottom has seen any serious action.

In this spanking video, we see Jodie bending over and presenting her bottom. She gets spanked on it with a bare hand and later on with the strap.

As her buttocks turn red, Jodie gets more and more excited.

Every time she screams, her pussy lips swell up even more!

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Ellie Maye Gets Barebottomed Spanking

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Ellie Maye has been naughty in class again.

And since the headmaster isn’t willing to put up with her anymore, he’s going to thrash those buttocks of hers silly.

First, he has Ellie stand there with her hands on her head facing the wall.

He lifts up her skirt and sees Ellie’s white panties underneath. The panties are going to have to come off, because this girl needs a strap spanking on her bare buttocks.

Ellie is made to lean on a desk and present her naughty bottom to the headmaster. The headmaster doesn’t doubt for a moment and gives Ellie some serious spanking punishment.

What a humiliating punishment for this seemingly innocent girl.

But don’t let her sweet looks fool you. She’s a misschievous little devil.

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Girls Boarding School Gives Molly A Bare Bottom OTK Spanking

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Molly’s parents have made the fine, fine choice of shipping her off to Girls Boarding School.

You can’t ever get anything done with this girl. She’s nothing but trouble, as I’m sure you have already deduced just by looking at her face.

Her teacher isn’t scared of her. He’s seen a lot in his day. And this girl will not be the first girl on his watch to be uncorrectable.

It will simply take a higher than average amount of teen spanking to set this girl straight. That’s all.

So he takes Molly over his knee and decides to build the tension for her. That’s why he firstly gives her a spanking on her skirt.

Then, he pulls her skirt up and continues spanking her… on her panties.

Eventually, the panties come down as well. Then, Molly is getting a full fledged otk spanking on her bare bottom.

I love seeing the flesh on Molly’s bare bottom ripple as the teacher’s bare hand lands on it.

It makes Molly’s big bottom turn red and her pussy lips swell.

If you pay real good attention when watching this spanking video, you’ll get to see this pigtailed cuty’s butt pucker as well!

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