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Paddle Spanking For Teen In The School Bench

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This nasty teen has been so naughty that she’s going to get a paddle spanking right there in the classroom.

After everybody left, unfortunately. It would have been fun to see the reaction of her friends.

She has to bend over her school bench and take an incredible teen spanking to her bare buttocks.

What a feeling it must be for this girl to be completely nude in the classroom.

She is made to hold out the paddle that has so severely bruised her bottom.

Almost spanked to tears, she can barely keep her composure.

The aftermath of this spanking video shows the girl trying to sit down in her school bench, where she checks out how much of a spanking her bottom has taken.

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Paddle Spanking For Mini Skirt Wearing Student

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This girl was reading a book… just trying to get some studying done at Girls Boarding School.

All of a sudden, in comes her teacher to check up on her. As it turns out, he’s not too happy about her performance as of late.

He gets so angry with her, that he decides to give her a paddle spanking.

He throws the girl over the couch and makes her stick her bottom out backwards. She is still wearing her mini skirt at this time.

But the teacher gives her a hard enough teen spanking that it makes her buttocks turn dark red even though they are covered up.

Ofcourse, later in the spanking video, her skirt is pulled down and the spanking punishment on her bare bottom continues, even though it’s already really sore and painful!

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OTK Spanking For Naughty Bar Maid

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This bar maid had better make sure she improves her performance. With a beautiful round bottom like hers, you’re going to have people lining up to spank it!

And that’s exactly what happens in this spanking video. She’s not doing her job well and her superior walks in on her and he’s not pleased about her.

He decides to discipline her.

He sits down. He taker her knickers down. He trashes her buttocks hard!

Her voluptious cheeks are spanked until they are a glowing red. She rubs her bum to make it feel a little better.

Then she has to bend over and take more bare handed spanking punishment.

Eventually, she gets a nice strap spanking to finish the job off properly.

This girl will probably perform a little better in the near future.

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Spanking Domination In This Lesbian Dorm Room

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These three girls have developed quite a spanking fetish throughout the years.

One of them just so happens to be very dominant. In this spanking video, she takes control over her two dorm room girlfriends.

She ties them up, has them sitting down on all fours, spanks their bare buttocks, locks them up in a cage and gives them a strap spanking.

How lovely to see this teen girl turn into a Mistress with those sexy breasts of hers hanging out of her lingerie.

I wish I could see teen spanking like this every single day of the week!

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Naughty Teen Gets Strap Spanking On Her Naughty Bottom

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This naughty girl can’t behave in class and now she will have to pay the price.

Or more specifically… her naughty bottom will have to pay the price.

She’s going to get a severe strap spanking across her bum for all the tricks she’s played in class.

The spanking video shows her bending over a desk and it reveals not only her buttocks but also her swollen teen pussy.

This girl is ashamed to be getting such a trashing on her bum, but it secretly also turns her on. Who would’ve thought this teen girl had a thing for spanking sex, eh?

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Cane Spanking On Naughty Girl’s Bare Buttocks

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This girl has been naughty and she has earned herself and her naughty little bottom a severe teen spanking.

She is in the nude and faces the wall waiting for her spanker to come in with his instrument of discipline.

It turns out this girl will get a cane spanking today.

She bends over the couch in the nude and awaits her spanking punishment.

One time after another the cane hits her bottom, welting it further with every strike.

At the end of the spanking video, the girl stands in the corner with her hands on top of her head.

Her cute apple bottom looks nicely beaten and bruised.

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Cane Spanked Girls Pose After Their Spanking Punishment

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These girls have just gone through a severe spanking punishment and they’re still feeling the sting in their buttocks.

After the cane spanking they have just had, the teacher is making them stand there and take on poses so he can have a good look at the work of art he has just produced.

The teacher enjoys seeing the humiliation on these girl’s faces while they are assuming any position that he orders them too.

He wants them standing there facing the wall, so he can get a good look at their full, round and freshly spanked buttocks.

Their buns are a shiny red from the spanking!

Then he makes them bend over deep enough that their hands can almost touch the floor. It exposes their spanked bottoms and the teacher is loving it.

This has to be one of the most humiliating spanking sessions the teacher has given any girl in a long time!

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Strap Spanking For Naughty Girl With Legs Up In The Air

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Another teenage victim of the strap at Girls Boarding School.

This young blonde has misbehaved and needs corrective spanking punishment.

In this case, she has to endure a strap spanking with her panties pulled down to her knees.

That’s right… she’s getting the strap right to her bare bottom.

She is punished vigorously and she is made to assume a submissive position where she holds her own legs up into the air, thereby exposing her sensitive bottom to the relentless teacher’s strap.

The excitement from this humiliating spanking makes the girl’s pussy lips swell up.

We get a good look at those in this spanking video, because of the girl’s exposed position.

Gotta love it.

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Slutty Teen Spanked By Strict Mistress

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This naughty teen has the bad luck of being the target of this very strict Mistress’ wrath.

She is starting to feel less and less comfortable as she is being stared down by this stern woman.

She goes over her knee with her pants down to her ankles. She receives a bare handed, bare bottomed otk spanking.

Her precious buttocks are shown up close in this spanking video. Her cheeks take a sound trashing and her butt pucker as well as her pussy lips are showing clearly.

This is one of those girls that secretly enjoys being exposed, submissive, humiliated and dominated.

The Mistress spreads the girl’s bum cheeks and has a good look at the sweetness that lies between.

She continues to spank the girl’s naughty bottom until it’s red and sore.

Once the Mistress has had enough, the girl gets another slap on the buttocks and is allowed to go.

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OTK Spanking On Chunky Teen Buttocks

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This chunky apple faced teen is kind of sassy. You can tell just by looking at her face that she’s nothing but trouble.

This mature woman agrees, so she takes the girl over her lap, pulls down her pants and her panties and proceeds to spank those full round buttocks like there is no tomorrow.

I love to see a big bum like that get a good trashing. But when the cane is whipped out, she’s starting to freak out a little bit.

She absolutely has to endure that cane spanking. At the end, she’ll be happy she did!

Her bare bottom gets the cane and she apparently gets off on it. You can see her pussy lips getting all thick and swollen. This girl has spanking fetish!

When she is being comforted,she bends over and we get such a good view of her behind. Her bum cheeks spread and we see her butt pucker. Her incredibly large cameltoe pussy lips are showing.

I would love to have spanking sex with this girl once she is spanked into submission completely.

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